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2023 yeti


We’re excited with the release of the SB120 by Yeti. With a redesigned frame, pivot suspension platform, and many other improvements, you’ll be able to break boundaries. This bike is versatile for any rider, from hitting your local trails or taking it up to the mountains, you will be unstoppable. bandwagoners. The result? Send trail and rip commutes as aggressively and shredly as you want. Winter’s here. Ice to see you.

You Should Upgrade


The SB120 is available only in a carbon frame, either the Turq or C-version. The Turq frames are lighter and have the new switch infinity assembly. But both frame options offer similar stiffness.


The frame is beautifully molded with threaded brackets and the bearings pressed into the linkage assembly. The floating collet axle works with the switch infinity bearings to eliminate the possibility of unwanted play or misalignment. This setup extends the life of the bearings ensuring optimal and consistent alignment, longevity, and a smooth running suspension.


The SB120 is fitted with the switch infinity pivot suspension design. The pivot mechanism is a four-bar system that easily adapts to different travel platforms. The suspension design offers increased sensitivity to reduce path-roughness and control ride characteristics more efficiently due to the linear path of the main pivot compared to other suspension designs. In addition, the 1-piece shock extender was made specifically for the demands of the SB120. With the forward positioning of the frame, the shock is directed forward in the frame as it optimizes leverage rate with improved traction and stability.


There are 6 sizes ranging from XS-XXL, which makes it truly versatile for any rider. With a shorter seat tube YETI was able to make longer dropper posts. The bike climbs well, offering the rider traction without feeling like you’ll sink into the surface. With an 11% leverage rate, the SB120 manages to travel efficiently so you can comfortably navigate twisty, moderately steep, and technical trails. For a solid short travel bike. The SB120 should be at the top of your list.

2023 YETI SB120

THE Highlights


A more neutral position helps the rider's weight stay more balanced between both wheels.


Achieve a more balanced ride with an emphasis on front travel than rear travel.

Size Specific Chain Stays

As the frame size increases, so does the chain stay length. This helps keep proportionality of the rear center of the bike to the rider.

Size Specific Seat Tube Angles

Made for riders of all sizes, the seat tube angles increase with the frame size. Making the seated to standing transition easier.

How to Get Your Hands on the SB120

Great news, you can buy direct from our website. Prices start at $6,300. We can order directly from the manufacturer and the bike will ship directly to you. We offer various financing options to fit your needs. If you want to see the bike in person, you can visit our store. Our technicians will be able to measure you and get you the right size and recommend the specs that will suit your needs.