2021 Yeti SB150 C-Series Large RAW/GY C1


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Line corrector, time saver, full travel user: tuning
Switch Infinity to go faster while pedaling or not.

Our relatively linear progression curve ensures racers get more track speed, and full travel from their suspension. Forget what you know – the clock proves more progressive curves aren’t faster.


Richie Rude wins running the same suspension design that comes stock on the SB150. No team only linkage or mods to his Switch Infinity. As personal performance elevates, racers are able to tune the SB150 to carry more and more speed – right up to the top of the box.


Across our line, we have chosen a relatively flat and high anti-squat curve in the beginning and mid-section of travel where pedaling commonly occurs a.k.a. the pedaling zone. This creates an efficient pedaling platform through your entire pedaling zone, as opposed to one single point. After the pedaling zone, there is an inflection point where the Switch Infinity link moves down, dropping the anti-squat drastically. Riders are typically not pedaling in this zone, so chain forces have less of an effect on the suspensions performance. Decoupling of the chain forces allows the suspension to work more efficiently to absorb impacts making the feel of a Yeti distinct.

  • Weight 31.8 lbs / 14.4 kg
  • Front Travel 170mm
  • Rear Travel 150mm
  • Frame Carbon
  • Fork Fox Performance Float 38
  • Wheels 29″
  • Groupset SLX
  • Brakes Hydraulic Disc
  • Seatpost Dropper post


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