Cane Creek Hellbender Neo Press Fit 30 Bottom Bracket


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At Cane Creek, they are all about making advancements in technologies that make cycling better. Demand for Cane Creek to make a bottom bracket has long been on the radar, but they wanted to offer a product that was more than just another competitor. With the collaboration of SKF’s MTRX bearing technology, Cane Creek was able to bring a product to market that provides unmatched bearing performance and reliability.

Pair their eeWings titanium crankset and Hellbender bottom bracket, and a rider will experience the most robust crankset/bottom bracket combination in cycling history.

What in the world is a Hellbender? Burrowed deep in the streams and rivers of the Appalachian mountains, the Hellbender Salamander is a rare creature that thrives in the mud and water. Like their namesake, these bottom brackets are built to live in the most extreme conditions, keeping you riding smoothly through rain, mud, grit or whatever the road and trail throws at you.

    • Bearing Type: Premium HELLBENDERneo bearings with Solid Oil Technology
    • Shell Width: 68/73mm
    • Spindle Interface: RaceFace Cinch (30mm)
    • Intended Use: Mountain Biking


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