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Continental’s Grand Prix 5000 Road Tire is a high-performing all-rounder road tire featuring even better versions of Black Chili tread compound and tear-resistant Vectran Breaker technology, as well as two new technologies: Lazer Grip and Active Comfort.

The GP5000’s Lazer Grip technology delivers more cornering traction from day one – no break-in time required thanks to its micro profile structure that reach over the shoulder of the tire. Integrated into the 3-ply/330tpi casing of the Grand Prix 5000, Active Comfort technology provides stiffness in the sidewall and flexibility under the tread for greater vibration dampening and excellent ride comfort.

Features & Specs:

  • All-rounder & high-performance.
  • Active Comfort & Lazer Grip technologies.
  • Black Chili tread compound.
  • Vectran Breaker puncture protection.
  • Foldable bead.
  • 3-ply/330tpi casing.
  • Weight: 290g (700×32), 235g (x28), 215g (x25), 200g (x23).
  • PSI: 85-100 (700×32), 95-115 (x28), 95-120 (x25), 110-120 (x23).
  • BAR: 6,0-7,0 (700×32), 6,5-8,0 (x28), 6,5-8,5 (x25), 7,5-8,5 (x23).
  • Clincher
  • Folding
  • Black
  • 330tpi


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