DT Swiss Torque Caps for 350 Hubs and 1700/1900 Wheels 



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DT-Swiss Hub Service Parts.
  • 197mm hubs use 142mm endcaps, 190mm use 135mm endcaps, 177mm use 142mm endcaps, 170mm use 135mm endcaps, 157mm use 142mm endcaps, 150mm use 135mm endcaps and 148mm use 142mm endcaps
  • Rock Shox Torque cap adaptor kits are a two piece endcap that replaces the existing single piece endcap on compatible hubs or wheels, and instruction can be found on their YouTube channel
  • For converting back a Torque cap 350 hub to standard, you will need (1) DT-0630, (1) DT-0631 and (2) DT-0632
  • Instructions are available online @
  • For any questions, please email [email protected]
  • Model: 350/1700/1900
  • Description: Torque cap kit-both sides
  • 350 15x100mm and 15x110mm hubs, and 1700/1900 15x100mm wheel compatible


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