Effetto Mariposa Shelter Pre-cut Frame Protective Elements Off-Road Kit 1.2mm



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Mariposa Shelter Off-Road Frame Protection Kit


– The self-adhesive Shelter Off-Road protection is a transparent composite multilayer (1.2 mm) with viscoelastic behavior
– Shelter Off-Road is able to significantly increase the impact resistance of carbon fiber composites or metals on which it is applied
– Resists abrasion, the most common solvents, does not yellow and adheres to the surface on which it is glued: therefore it is not affected by normal bicycle washing, but can still be removed without damage to the underlying paint
– Invisible protection against scratches and impacts
– Lightweight
– Easy to apply, firmly adheres even to curved surfaces
– Does not yellow


Kit consisting of a pre-cut sheet specific for mountain bikes, with the elements necessary to protect the most exposed points of the frame:

– 1x down tube
– 1x chain guard
– 1x horizontal tube in the points subject to impact with brake levers
– 5x cable passage


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