Jones Hbar 710×2.5


Key Features

  • Color Black
  • 2.5 Aluminum Loop
  • 710mm

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The Jones 2.5 touring, bike packing specific handlebar has arrived! the 2.5 H-Bar makes a great upgrade from a traditional flat or riser (Mtb style) or a drop bar, and offer a wide range of comfortable, useful, and unique hand positions that allow you to change your body position while riding. This allows you to ride longer, more comfortably, and with greater control! The Jones H-Bars have 45 degrees of sweep to put your wrists in a natural position and are designed to be used with longer grips that fill the entire grip area, thereby giving access to the full range of hand positions that make the H-Bars so special.  Please refer to the H-Bar Manual for more information on fit, setup, and installation.

The Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar is designed especially for those riders who need or want to get the grip area of their handlebars higher without having to use steerer tube extenders. They have the same great hand positions, sweep, and wide range of light, computer, and bag mounting locations as the rest of the Jones Loop H-Bars. The Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar is the perfect upgrade for any bike that will give a wide range of comfortable and useful hand positions, lots of mounting locations, and 2.5″ of rise for a more comfortable touring position! Black. 710mm. 31.8 mm stem clamp. 650 grams.

For proper installation and comfort please view H-Bar Manuel, we also recommend that the H-Bars be purchased with a set of grips because the grips are key to getting the most out of the H-Bars. Recommended grips can be found here: Kraton H-Grips
The Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar is identical to the standard Jones SG Aluminum Loop H-Bar with these exceptions:
2.5″ of rise (versus the standard .5″ rise).
Rear crossbar swoops down to the stem clamp to allow for the extra rise.

  • 45 degrees of sweep for ergonomic hand positions.
  • 31.8mm stem clamp area.
  • 22.2mm grip area (to fit standard flat bar/Mtb style controls.
  • 710mm. Note: H-Bars have cutting guides to trim grip area down to the original 660mm width for riders who need to have narrower bars.


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