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RaceFace Half Nelson Grips



Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Gray, White, Orange

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Instead of spending a season and a half adjusting your hold on too-squishy grips, waiting for the day they finally wear down enough to feel just right, start the the season off with the Race Face Half Nelson Lock-On Grip. The fact that the grip shares a name with a beloved wrestling maneuver should give you some indication of its efficacy, but if you’re unfamiliar, let us fill you in. The Half Nelson was made to feel like a perfectly broken-in grip, with a low-profile design, half waffle pattern, and soft, tacky construction, but still exhibit the longevity of beefier models. It’ll lend you precise, pared-down control in the cockpit, without the unreliability of an old grip that’s finally reached its prime.

  • Forgo excessive cushion for this slim, precise grip
  • Lock-on design is both secure and easy to install
  • RaceFace MX style half waffle provides extra hand grip
  • Topographic moisture channels promote airflow

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Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, White


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