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Raceface Lock-On Grippler Grips 33mm

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Up your rad-factor with the new Race Face Grippler Lock-On Grips, designed to up the stoke, and coordinate with anti-slip technology. The Grippler is designed with a proprietary compound for comfort with gloves, and those who prefer the feeling of wind between their fingers. The grip features a ramped grip profile, so you’ll be able to find the maximum comfort zone for your hand. It has a double lock-on system, designed to prevent even the slipperiest of slippage, and ensure you stay in place and in control on the bike. The grip is available in two different diameters, so those who prefer a plusher grip can get a handle on them just as well as someone who prefers a minimalist profile.

  • Colorful grips for decking out your ride
  • Ramped profile for comfort for any hand
  • Proprietary rubber is grippy with or without gloves
  • Double lock-on won’t slip off of your bars
  • Available with two different diameters for riders who prefer more or less cushion


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