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Santa Cruz Bullit XO AXS RSV Coil

Original price was: $11,599.00.Current price is: $9,849.00.

A bike with a built-in chair lift!

The bike that wants to go up as much as it wants to go down! The Santa Cruz Bullit E-bike!


Introducing the Bullit: the one answer to combining the thrill of gravity-riding with the ease of reaching the summit. Crafted for conquering the most extreme trails, this bike boasts an Shimano EP801 motor to effortlessly deliver you to the starting point of your wildest adventures. It’s like having your very own downhill bike paired with the convenience of a chairlift, ensuring you’re always ready for the next adrenaline-packed descent.

Size = Large

Available in: CC carbon
Wheel size: MX
Front travel: 170mm
Rear travel: 170mm
Drive Unit: Shimano EP801
Battery size: 630 Wh

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