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Schwalbe Big Betty EVO S-Trail 29”x2.4” Black Soft TLR Folding Tire



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This mountain bike (MTB) tyre features the Addix Soft compound for fantastic damping and maximum performance as you conquer roughest of trail conditions. Its Super Trail construction is as versatile as a multi-tool by combining some of the finest Schwalbe technologies available, such as SnakeSkin sidewall protection, Apex puncture protection, a chafer for protecting the rim-tyre contact area and a strong, foldable Kevlar bead core. Coming complete with a TLE Tubeless Easy profile, this is a great choice of upgrade for riders who want to benefit from lower rolling resistance, increased comfort and less chance of flats.

Big Betty is Back

Equipped with everything modern tyre technology has to offer. A downhill and enduro allrounder for dry to damp conditions. Big Betty works perfectly on the rear wheel when combined with Schwalbe’s much-loved Magic Mary (available separately).

  • Long supported braking edges for maximum braking traction.
  • Extremely stable shoulder blocks for outstanding cornering grip.
  • Open and aggressive tread for excellent grip and self-cleaning.


  • Compound: Addix Soft
  • Execution: Super Trail
  • Use: MTB, Downhill and Enduro
  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Bead Type: Folding
  • Seal: TLE, Tubeless Easy
  • Pressure: 27.5×2.8″: Max. 2.60 Bar (max. 38psi); 26×2.4″: Max. 3.50 Bar (max. 50psi); 29×2.4″: Max. 3.50 Bar (max. 50psi); 27.5×2.6″: Max. 3.00 Bar (max. 45psi); 29×2.6″: Max. 3.00 Bar (max. 45psi); 27.5×2.4″: Max. 3.50 Bar (max. 50psi)
  • EPI: 50
  • Single or Pair: Single
  • Max Load: 27.5×2.8″: 120kg; 26×2.4″: 115kg; 29×2.4″: 125kg; 27.5×2.6″: 115kg; 29×2.6″: 115kg; 27.5×2.4″: 115kg
  • Weight: 27.5×2.8″: 1300g; 26×2.4″: 1000g; 29×2.4″: 1200g; 27.5×2.6″: 1220g; 29×2.6″: 1300g; 27.5×2.4″: 1140g


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