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Scott Syncros Stem Steerer Cap SY Crest iC Black OS



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Cables: With our new carbon cockpit no cables are visible – be they mechanical, electronic or hydraulic as they are all hidden within the stem and in turn the headset resulting in a super clean look. While it is aesthetically pleasing it also offers aerodynamic benefits to the rider.

Bolts: Our integrated stem cap results in no bolts being visible on the stem at all. The cover is magnetic and keeps everything hidden.

Clamping: Borrowing learnings from our MTB division, we have engineered a clamping system that doesn’t have sharp edges for the carbon, making a stronger and lighter interface. All clamping hardware is fully replaceable.

Constructions: Carbon construction is at the heart of Syncros and our unique shape is optimized for this with smooth transitions and no sharp edges especially at the transition point between where a stem and handlebar would normally meet. Carbon works best in flowing lines both from a strength and stiffness point of view.

V–Shape: The unique shape of our bar is no accident. It helps with carbon shaping, weight saving, fiber optimizations and cable routing.

Stiffness/Compliance: Through careful attention to the carbon fiber layup, design and geometry we’ve achieved a 26% improvement in sprinting stiffness yet also a 27% increase in compliance (shock absorption). Key to these numbers is in the application of High Modulus carbon fibers in key spots.

Computer Mount: The Unique V-shape also allows a better integration of a computer to the bar. Performance riders are always mindful of their numbers and this allows for the optimum placement of your chosen device using our integrated mount developed with industry leaders K-Edge.


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