Shimano Dura-Ace ST-R9170 Di2 STI Lever Hoods



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Hoods lead a life full of danger. Concrete, asphalt, even our hands (or gloves, depending on your preference) provide constant abuse to the poor little silicone stalwarts. Wear isn’t necessarily an enemy, though—after all, well broken-in hoods can be a comfort after a season or two of use; however when the wear comes from an untimely crash, it certainly is. Shimano’s STI Lever Hoods let you erase the seasons of damage done to your hoods, ensuring grip and comfort for another few seasons to come.

  • Refresh your cockpit with an STI hood refill
  • Synthetic material is tacky even when wet
  • Strategically cushioned for comfort that doesn’t muddy road feel
  • Color: Black
  • Set of 2
Shimano Di2 STI Lever Hoods
  • Fits Dura-Ace ST-9170 Di2 levers


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