Surly Tuggnut Tensioner



  • Model #: 2884
  • Model Name: Tuggnut
  • Color: Silver

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The Surly Tuggnut Chain Tensioner is ideal for riders using frames with horizontal dropouts. The Tugnutt helps maintain chain tension with a handy adjuster. There are lots of BMX-style tensioners out there, but few of them fit in our dropouts without some serious grinding. This made Surly design a chain tensioner that will keep that rear wheel static in the dropouts and most other kinds of rear-facing horizontal dropouts. In addition, they also feature a bottle opener for when things get rad.

  • The body is investment cast in stainless steelĀ for durability.
  • Features a thumbscrew and two axle holesĀ for a wide range of fore/aft wheel positions.


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