Wolf Tooth Encase Chain Tire Plug


Weight: 46g
Material:  7075-T6 aluminum, CrMo steel, butyl strips

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Fix tubeless tires and broken chains. This multi-tool has a chain tool on one end and a tire plug built into the handle, with inner storage for tubeless tire plugs. The full multi-tool was designed for use with an EnCase® System Storage Sleeve, which fits inside bar ends of your handlebars. Ride with this multi-tool in a storage sleeve or in a tool wrap for easy repairs while riding.


  • Chain tool will work with all bicycle chains, including 12-speed
  • Compact design of the chain tool is for removal of chain pins only. Always carry a spare master link for chain repair.
  • Fits most mountain handlebars and road handlebars when combined with the storage sleeve. Works with both carbon and aluminum handlebars. Does not fit ergonomic-style road bars with extra bends in the drops.
  • Minimum internal bar diameter is 17.5mm.

Tech Specs

Weight: 46g
Material:  7075-T6 aluminum, CrMo steel, butyl strips

Made in the USA

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