Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogie: Black and Gray Logo, Pair


Key Features

  • Color Black
  • Style Flat Bar
  • Keep Hands Warm
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Developed in the cold Minnesota weather, these pogies handle the ever-changing winter weather while keeping hands warm.

  • Easy hand access
  • Adjustable cuff allows you to adapt the warmth of the pogie based on the weather conditions and how hard you are working
  • With the cuffs folded down the hand opening flares open and provides coverage up to your wrist
  • Velcro, snap, and strap cinch seal around handlebar and cables
  • Patent-pending design with three distinct warmth settings: Warmest (cuff up, zipped up), Warmer (cuff up, zipper open), Warm or Singletrack
  • Mode (cuff folded down)
  • Water-proof and durable rip-stop nylon construction
  • Quick install and remove via proprietary quarter turn bar plug mounting system (included)
  • Extremely lightweight at 280 grams per pair
  • The inner diameter of the handlebar should be between 17mm and 20mm
  • Color¬†Black
  • Style¬†Flat Bar


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