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Warm hands on cold days.

Fat biking in the winter is great, what’s not so great are cold hands. Here to save the day and your fingers are the Singletrack Pogie from Wolf Tooth Components. It spent years developing these pogies and hailing from Minnesota, it knows a thing or two about staying warm in cold conditions. These pogies have a few unique features that separate them from the rest. They are super easy to get in and out of, have adjustable warmth, and can quickly be installed or removed from your bike.

The adjustable cuff allows for some climate control depending on weather conditions, gloves used, and the pace. Cuffs up and zipped up keep hands and forearms covered and body heat in for maximum warmth. Cuff up and zipper open lets in just enough air, preventing things from getting a little too stuffy. Folding the cuffs down flares the openings and provides coverage up to your wrist shielding your hands from the elements while allowing air to flow freely and is easier to get hands out to brace for impact in the event of a crash. These pogies come with a unique quarter-turn bar plug attachment that allows them to be installed quickly and easily and always perfectly positioned on the bars.

  • Pogies to keep your hands warm on the coldest days
  • Adjustable cuff regulates warmth
  • Waterproof and ripstop nylon is durable and keeps hands dry
  • Quarter-turn bar end plugs allow for quick and easy install and removal


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